If you forget your password, please call or email us and we can reset it. 

How do I manage my weekly deliveries?

Your STANDING ORDER is what we'll deliver EVERY WEEK unless you tell us differently. Just set it and forget it! 

You can modify or skip orders for a specific week by selecting that date from the menu. 

Changes to your order must be made by noon the day before your delivery. Monday customers must make changes by noon on Saturdays.

New customers:

Welcome to the Vale Wood Farms Family! You can begin your delivery service in just a few easy steps. 

We offer weekly dairy delivery. Your delivery day depends upon your address. In the "how did you hear about us" box, please also include delivery info: brick house, front door, side porch, etc. After you sign up, you'll receive an email to confirm your information, and then another email when your address is routed. After you are placed on a weekly route, you can modify individual delivery dates. 

Please note that there is no minimum delivery, no delivery fee, and the more milk you buy, the less you pay. We have steel insulated milk boxes available for purchase if you’re interested (...and you will only receive one if you add this to your order!). 

If you have any questions, please just give us a call at 814.886.7171 or email valewood@valewoodfarms.com. Thanks!